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Tea Infusion - Snow bush

Tea Infusion - Snow bush

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Dried leaves and twigs of Eriocephalus africanus

Origin - Wellington, Western Cape

Flavour Profile - wild rosemary, earthy aromatic

Snow bush was traditionally used to treat ailments such as coughs and colds, flatulence and colic. 4,11 eudesmanediol is the major constituent and is a known anti-spasmodic. Studies have also shown the presence of anti-inflammatory activity. Snow bush flowers during the Cape winter months and covers the Cape Floral Region in a carpet of ‘snow’. The subsequent seeds are shrouded in white tufts that look like cotton wool, earning its Afrikaans name ‘kapokbos’. The earthy, wild rosemary flavour of Snow bush lends itself to an uplifting tea infusion that aids digestion.

Breathable brown kraft packet with sturdy A-line tag, no cellophane inner - 11cm high, 7cm wide and 4cm deep at the base.

Makes 20 cups

Disclaimer: this information is educational and is not intended as medical advice