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Fine Salt - Snow bush

Fine Salt - Snow bush

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South African Atlantic Sea salt and Eriocephalus africanus

Flavour Profile - WOODY - notes of aromatic wild rosemary

Snow bush salt adds an aromatic wild rosemary dimension to roasted meats, roast potatoes, wok-seared vegetables, potato chips, yoghurt-based dips and vanilla ice-cream splashed with olive oil. 
Snow bush is traditionally used for ailments such as coughs and colds, flatulence and colic. Eudesmanediol is the major constituent and is a known anti-spasmodic.

Origin: Wellington, Western Cape
Nett weight: 100g     Overall weight: 120g
Brown kraft packet with sturdy A-line tag and cellophane inner - 11cm high, 7cm wide and 4cm deep at the base - decant into a salt-pot to serve
Disclaimer: this information is educational only and is not intended as medical advice.