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Fine Salt - Buchu

Fine Salt - Buchu

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South African Atlantic Sea salt and Agathosma betulina

Flavour Profile - PUNGENT - highly aromatic with hints of mint and blackcurrant

Buchu's aromatic minty scent dissipates on food and enhances natural flavours. Season sizzling steak, braaied and grilled meats, poached and grilled fish, roast chicken, veggies, pates, pickles and breakfast eggs.

Buchu is traditionally used to treat kidney and urinary tract diseases, as well as provide symptomatic relief from rheumatism. Isomenthone and diosphenol are the main compounds in Agathosma betulina. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and a diuretic. Not recommended during pregnancy owing to the diuretic effect.

Origin: Wellington, Western Cape
Nett weight: 100g       Overall weight: 120g
Brown kraft packet with sturdy A-line tag and cellophane inner - 11cm high, 7cm wide and 4cm deep at the base - decant into a salt pot to serve
Disclaimer: this information is educational only and is not intended as medical advice.