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 Welcome to an exploration of South Africa's culinary flavours from the Fynbos biome at the southern tip of Africa. Fynbos is a protected species, please do not pick in the wild.


ROOIBOS - Aspalathus linearis

This is the flavour of the Fynbos veld at sunset, fruity notes lingering in the twilight air. Rooibos draws flavours together with notes of caramel and rosehip. Pair with caramelised onions, cherry tomato sauce, sweet potato mash, roasted butternut, gruyere omelette, breakfast eggs, crispy chicken, tomato-bredie and salted ice-cream.


BUCHU - Agathosma betulina

Buchu is the most sensational of all the Fynbos herbs, transforming everyday flavours into mouth-watering experiences. Pair with seared picanha, braaied line-fish, tray-baked chicken, lamb shank, flambéed chicken livers, salmon sushi, tomato salsa, mielie butter and soetkoekies. Buchu brandy is a traditional remedy for stomach ailments. Not recommended during pregnancy.


RHINO BUSH - Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis

Rhino bush is piney, adding a delicate resinous flavour to grilled rib-eye, Karoo lamb, picanha and pork kebabs. Add to wok-seared chilli-garlic cabbage, grilled mushrooms, arancini, risotto, bitterballen and croque monsieurs.


SNOW BUSH - Eriocephalus africanus

 Woody Snow bush has a wild rosemary flavour with a hint of pepper and adds incredible depth of flavour to a creamy mushroom sauce, Karoo lamb meatballs, tzatziki, confit garlic potatoes, puy lentil salad, yoghurt carrot salad, beef carpaccio, prawn orzo and feta focaccia.


CANCER BUSH - Lessertia frutescens

Cancer bush is a bitter herb, with a hint of stevia-like sweetness and notes of pea. It is ideal for adding depth to vegetable dishes like smoky bacon rösti, garlicky green beans, balsamic baby marrow, braised endive, leafy salads, citrus kale salad, veggie vinaigrette and cocktail bitters. Use sparingly.


ROSE PELARGONIUM - Pelargonium capitatum & graveolens

Irresistible Rose pelargonium is intensely fragrant and adds a distinctive spicy rose flavour to scones and clotted cream, syrupy koeksisters, sticky malva pudding, moroccan rice, nutty buckwheat salad, rose marmelade and strawberry ice-cream.


MINT PELARGONIUM - Pelargonium tomentosum

Cooling Mint pelargonium adds a minty-geranium vibrancy to zucchini fritters, lentil-feta salad, cucumber ribbons, bulgur mushroom salad, goat’s cheese couscous, pear and walnut salad, cream cheese brioche, cocktail rissoles and white chocolate truffles.


NUTMEG PELARGONIUM - Pelargonium fragrans

Spicy Nutmeg pelargonium is deliciously aromatic adding layers of exotic flavours to a shitake mushroom tart, moussaka, spicy spaetzle, potato gratin, cheese fondue, spinach ravioli, béchamel sauce and spicy coffee shortbread.


CAPE MOUNTAIN SAGE - Salvia chamelaeagnea

Cape Mountain Sage is highly aromatic with complex herbaceous notes. It pairs well with lemon-butter kingklip, creamy walnut tagliatelle, grilled haloumi burger, butternut lasagne, onion lentil loaf, brandy infused chicken liver pâté, ground pork stuffing, blue cheese gnocchi, sumac avocado salad, beef and mushroom pastie.


SILVER BUSH - Helichrysum petiolare

 Silver bush is sulphury with notes of curry contributing a bold flavour to nutty rice, lamb stew, lentil bake, yoghurt dip, ghee infusion, chickpea curry, roasted veggies, white bean salad and a kale-almond-citrus salad.


HONEYBUSH - Cyclopia species

Honeybush is a sweet herb adding a delicate honey flavour to sticky marinades, onion soup, casseroles, cauliflower bake, butternut and sweet-potato wedges, roasted root vegetables, sago pudding, milk-tart and red velvet cup-cake icing. Toast lightly and sprinkle over oven-roasted veggies.